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Our pot stills are carefully hand crafted using techniques and skills that have changed little since the nineteenth century, we are however able to apply the latest 3D design technology to ensure that the stills we produce are exactly to customer requirements. Copper is one of the key aspects in whisky distilling and contributes a great deal to giving the new spirit its distinctive character.

The interaction with copper during the distilling process does however result in the stills wearing out over time. There are different rates of wear in the various parts of the still and this will result in sections of stills having to be replaced over time.

We are able to carry out detailed surveys and thickness tests of stills, this enables us to advise when certain parts are likely to require replacement. We are then able to carefully measure and replace the existing still components as required to ensure they retain the same shape and character.

We can also supply new stills for the domestic market and are able to export world-wide with clients as distant as Australia.

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