condenser 1

Condensers are used in distilling to return the spirit vapour to liquid form by passing it through copper pipework with cooling water on the other side. Two main types are used

Worm Tubs – The older and more traditional type of condenser, this consists of a copper spiral tube which sits in a tub of water. Spirit vapour passes from the neck of the still to the worm tube and using a combination of cooling water temperature and flow through the worm tub the spirit vapour is turned back to liquid before entering the spirit safe.

Shell & Tube Condenser – A more modern heat exchanger design. The water is fed through the condenser tubes with the spirit vapour passing between the shell and tubes. This type of condenser tends to be more efficient, require less water and can also be configured to suit the client with multi pass water boxes etc. to allow the installation of equipment associated with heat recovery from the water to further reduce energy costs.


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